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  • Features

    • Ultra-smooth, high bulk paper suitable for high-end application
    • Stands out from other day-to-day papers used for regular jobs
    • Hight whiteness and brightness with excellent properties
    • No fadeout or reversion – acid-free long-lasting paper
    • Presents ultra-sharp text and real-life colour images on printing
    • Manufactured from plantation wood pulp: 100% ECF
    • Colourlok Technology for bolder black, vivid colour & faster drying


    • Available in A4 & A3 sizes
    • GSM-100
    • 500 Sheets Pack
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  • Features

    • India’s first Anti-Microbial Copier Paper
    • Protects from bacteria
    • 99.99% protection against E.coli & S.Aureas
    • Brighter than ever
    • Available in A4 size
    • GSM-75/80
    • 500 sheets pack
    • Photocopy, Desktop printing